“Phew.” The tattoo artist was tall, an earthbender. He had dark black hair, which contrasted gracefully to his pale white skin. “We’re done here! Can I just have a minute?” He was staring at the intricate lines he had carved into the man.

He placed down the thin strip of earth, his best friend, the tool which he had used to carve this masterpiece.

“Sid, you’re an artist” the man said, examining the tattoo which covered his chest. The design was highly detailed. The tattoo showed many spirits, roaming their world, and had thousands of intricate lines, as well as writing in the language of the spirits.

“Hold on,” Sid countered “you’re going to walk out of here, and I’ll never see this again, huh?”

“That’s very likely.” Sid looked appalled at this.

“Most guys get their first tattoo, and it says ‘Mom’ or their girl’s initials – not you, you go ahead and get a full set of sleeves, in a week! It takes most guys years to get the ink you got.”

“I wish I had that much time.” The man got up to exit the shop. “Thanks, Sid.” He muttered.

The man started down the street, until he heard some shouting. “Brandon!!?” called a distant voice. Brandon turned around, pushing his way through the crowd, looking for the voice. He spotted Sid, holding his wallet.

“You dropped this… Brandon?” Sid told him.

“Yeah, thanks.” Brandon replied. Brandon seemed anxious, hastily grabbing his wallet. He ran down the sidewalk, while shoving his wallet into his back pocket. Minutes later, he got to the door of his apartment building. “Please swipe your access card” a robotic voice said.

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